Omnia Spa & Co, Inc. Was founded in April 2021 by a Paramedic who wanted to do more for the community.  One of the most important, and often the most overlooked, aspects of healthy living is to stay hydrated.  Omnia Spa & Co's goal is to provide easily accessible and affordable IV Hydration services to our clients, whether it's from our main location in Brighton CO, or from the comfort of your own home, hotel room, or office.


  • Our IV hydration services are perfect for pre and post workout recovery aid, fatigue, lethargy, altitude sickness, chronic aches and pains, the relief of minor illnesses such as the common cold or flu, and yes, even that dreaded hangover!

  • Omnia Spa & Co, Inc is one of Colorado's newest IV hydration providers, serving the Denver Metro and Greater Metro areas.  

  • There are never any service or travel fees

  • All of our team members have numerous years of experience working in the Emergency Room, on the ambulance, or in a medical clinic / setting starting IVs and administering numerous vitamins, minerals, and medications

  • All of our team members have in depth IV training from an accredited college program in the State of Colorado

  • We follow a strict COVID-19 protocol, ensuring all staff and clientele the safest and cleanest services in the industry.  Our protocols include: hand sanitizer for both team member and client prior to and post service administration, temperature checks for all team members prior to working, verbal COVID-19 screening checklist performed on all team members prior to working, and having all team members wear a mask at all times while working.  


Providing you with the best care!

  • Our team has Paramedic and nurses

  • Our Staff are IV pros

  • Our team has decades of IV experience

  • IV drips start at $100. No travel fees.

  • Sunday-Saturday 9am-8pm. 

  • Service Typically Takes About 1 Hour

  • We Typically Service a 30 mile radius around Denver.

  • We Were Founded in 2021